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Six Month Smiles® Braces

Do you hide your smile because of gaps or crooked teeth? Do you want a straighter smile but dread the thought of spending years in metal braces that everyone will notice? Did you know that we offer an accelerated and barely noticeable orthodontic solution that can have you showing off your smile every chance you get?

Six Month Smiles® cosmetic braces are ideal for adults looking to make minor changes to their smile in a short amount of time. With Six Month Smiles, you spend only about 6-9 months in braces that consist of clear brackets and ultra-thin wires. Your treatment time is short and people will hardly notice you’re wearing braces. Both Dr. Carol and Dr. Scott are certified Six Month Smiles providers, and we would love to help you get the dream smile you’ve always wanted!

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How It Works

Six Month Smiles uses a combination of high-tech wires that are very thin and clear or tooth-colored brackets. The wires are specifically designed to move teeth into their new positions faster and using lower force, resulting in shorter treatment times and less discomfort.

Benefits of Six Month Smiles:

  • Quick treatment time – typically only 6-9 months
  • Clear or tooth-colored brackets and ultra-thin wires for a barely noticeable look
  • Increased comfort compared to traditional braces due to low-force process

Am I a Good Candidate?

If you have small gaps in your teeth, minor crowding, or teeth that are slightly crooked, you may be a good candidate for Six Month Smiles treatments. The team at Lybrook Dental can evaluate your smile and your goals for your smile and help you decide if this is the best orthodontic option for you. Call us today to schedule a consultation!

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