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Carol Lybrook, DDS & Scott Lybrook, DMD

551 Kokopelli Blvd, Suite A | Fruita, Colorado 81521

A New Kind of Dental Care

At Lybrook Dental Center, we are proud to serve our community with our unique approach to dentistry. We combine personal attention and genuine compassion with the latest techniques in the field to provide families in Fruita, Grand Junction, Pallisades, and the Greater Grand Valley Area with complete dental care.

Our practice philosophy revolves around four main tenets:


Providing Individualized, Quality Dental Care

One of our main priorities is to co-diagnose a dental plan that is completely based on your needs. You won’t be getting any generic treatment plans at our office! We sit down with you to go over what exactly it is that you need to maintain a healthy, attractive smile. You can trust us to recommend only what we think is best for you.


Promoting Patient Education & Participation

We believe our patients should play an active role in their own health care. Instead of just telling you what to do, we guide you through your options and our recommendations, so you can better understand what you need and how to get there. Our ears are always open to your concerns, and we find that an equal partnership with our patients leads to much more rewarding dental visits.


Fostering a Caring, Comfortable Environment

Our practice is turning the notion of the dentist being a cold, clinical environment on its head. In fact, we are just the opposite. Your comfort is always at the top of our minds, and we do all we can to set you at ease in our care. With our compassionate team, inviting office, and relaxing amenities, we hope you feel right at home.


Staying Current with Industry Advancements

Our patients are our priority, so we are constantly looking for ways to provide you with a higher standard of care. We do this by regularly attending continuing education courses and by using the latest and greatest dental technology. We take pride in being on the forefront of our industry and the benefits for our patients by doing so.

We go above and beyond to care for you!

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