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Is Root Canal Therapy Painful?

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Root canal therapy, and dental procedures in general, used to be much more painful than they are today. Thankfully, advancements in modern medicine and dentistry have made many treatments much more comfortable than they used to be, not to mention more effective.

For some patients, root canal therapy unfortunately still carries a negative connotation with it. But please don’t be anxious or scared of root canal treatment! Our team understands many patients experience dental anxiety. We always work with patients at whatever pace makes them feel the most comfortable.

Before Your Root Canal Treatment

Before any work is done on your tooth, a local anesthetic will be used to completely numb the area surrounding the tooth. You will likely feel a small pinch when the anesthetic is injected, but the rest of the procedure should be completely painless. Though you may feel pressure on your tooth, it won’t be painful.

If you get anxious during dental treatments, Lybrook Dental Center offers nitrous oxide. This mild dental sedation is administered via a nose mask to put you in a calm and relaxed state during their visit.

After Your Treatment

Once your procedure is complete, you will want to be gentle with your tooth, get some rest, and drink plenty of water. Wait until the numbness subsides before you eat anything so you don’t bite your tongue or the inside of your cheek. For the next couple of days, you will want to eat soft foods and try to chew with the other side of your mouth to limit potential irritation as the area heals. However, continue to brush and floss every day.

Pain Management

In addition to ample rest and hydration, keep some acetaminophen on hand in case you feel some pain or soreness. A little swelling is common, which can be eased by gently holding an ice pack to the side of your face and keeping your head elevated with a few pillows.

If the swelling lasts for more than a day, pain medication stops working effectively, or you notice rashes or hives breaking out on your body, please get in touch with our office right away. While a little pain and discomfort is normal after root canal treatment, increasing pain after a few days is not normal.

More Questions? We Have Answers!

Please contact Lybrook Dental Center if you have any other questions or concerns about root canal therapy or our other services.

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